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SenseGiving coaches and consult individuals and teams to thrive by helping them make sense of their reality, current challenges, and desired goals.


Understanding our challenges, professionally and personally, will help us and our team members create an engaging environment to achieve shared goals.


I believe you have the answers. My role is to help you bring these to the table. Using coaching, counselling, and facilitating, we raise meaningful elements such as values, personal leadership, and collaboration to enable you to move forward.



As a skilled coach and counsellor, DISC and Lego Serious Play certified facilitator, I have the tools to support your growth. With experience in corporate settings, relationships, and personal development, I make the learning opportunity relevant and connected to your settings.


Are you ready? As an international, passionate, and creative people development professional, I can enlighten the answers you’re looking for. Learn about how I can make this all happen!

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