A passion for enhancing the power of individuals in the workplace was always within me. A fascination for the stories behind the people, sharing viewpoints, and reaching mutual understanding together, brought me to focus my life mission on the development of organisations. I believe that change starts from a single employee, therefore the spotlight should be aim in the right direction.




Bringing 15 years of corporate experience in organisational development through teams, I see the value in investing the necessary time to set expectations and shared goals. Believing in simplicity and "going back to basics", I encourage those discussions we should be having. As a musician and performer, I use creativity and humour to engage even the most sceptical people in the room!

True Sense Giver




Corporate expectations and connections require different attention as teams become more multicultural and remote. As an international professional, I’m sensitive to these dynamics and able to isolate the challenges to improve connectivity. From experience, isolating office politics and pointing out the benefits of true collaboration through real-life examples will bring participants to the edge of their seats!

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