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Coaching is the art of helping the other to move forward. “Unconditional positive regard” is a leading approach in coaching, referring to maintaining a supportive, non-judgmental, and accepting attitude toward the client at all times.


This is what brought me to this profession and what guides me.


The Journey

The journey is a combination of coaching, together with counselling. In simple words, coaching is the act of moving forward, and counselling is reflecting and coming to a resolution with matters that happened in the past. When looking forward, we also need to look at the past. What worked, what didn't, what are the limiting beliefs, what made us tick? Combining counselling into the coaching process makes it realistic and true to who we are. 


Practically, the journey includes an intake followed by six coaching sessions, which can be extended depending on the Coaching Question.


First and foremost, it all starts with the intake. As the 'practical approach' is a leading pillar, we discuss, explore, and define the 'coaching question/request for help' during the intake. This will be our guiding pillar during the coaching sessions. 

Therapy Session


During the intake, we have the opportunity to introduce each other, learn about the background and challenge, and discuss how I can be of a support. We'll shape together the 'Coaching Question/Request for Help', which will help the process and set the goal of the journey.  


The 1-hour sessions, online or face-to-face, are the core of the journey. You shape the conversation, process, and direction to where you want to take it. I am here to listen, guide, and share observations.


I combine methodologies according to the pace and provide assignments to create the movement forward.  


At the last session, we reflect together on the journey and ensure that you have the right insights and tools to move forward with your Coaching Question. Sometimes it is clearer than others, depending on the complexity of the question, but in all cases, the motivation and next steps will be clear. 

Therapy Closeup



First, we want to meet to connect and understand if I'm the coach who you want in your journey, and for me to evaluate if I can support you with your question so you receive the most for your investment.


6 sessions of 1 hour each


DISC Profile Assessment

(includes detailed profile review)


(ex. VAT)


Depending on the progress, and the complexitiy of the questions, you might decide that additional sessions feel just right. 



(ex. VAT)

(for each additional hour of coaching)


Challenges in life come in all kind of shapes and forms. Therefore, in case you look for a specific journey, with shorter or longer commitment, we can make it happe. 

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