The method of SenseGiving is very practical. Through direct facilitation of workshops, we will be able to make sense of the current situation together. These workshops will be dynamic and will engage participants through the use of stories, examples and simulations. The tools used are modern, smart and inspiring.

Facilitation Done Right

Gathering people together to achieve shared clarity on the goals and mission of the organisation is challenging. It must be done correctly. It usually takes great effort to get all the right people in the same room at the same time, and time is limited and precious, therefore you need to ensure that it’s going to be a worthwhile session. SenseGiving is specialised in facilitating working groups or teams, and will successfully address the expectations of all involved.


Are you familiar with the feeling of sitting on the edge of your seat, listening, analysing and getting inspired by the shared stories? SenseGiving facilitation techniques make every discussion intriguing, leaving even the most sceptical and quiet people engaged and 'within the circle'.


Imagine you have the possibility to place ideas, thoughts and opinions for everyone to immediately see and reflect upon. Imagine that the whole team has this possibility. Imagine the level of collaboration you can achieve together. By using the right technology, SenseGiving makes it possible to work together to achieve mutual understanding and group consensus like never before.


SenseGiving strictly follows a model that delivers clear results. The preparation is the first stage, where a consultant meets individually with the participants to align expectations and prepare accordingly. Next, these will be discussed and handled during the facilitation itself. About a month after the end of the facilitation stage, there will be a follow-up on the change in mindset, behaviour and productivity.



Guessing (or dictating) what common agreements and policies should look like shouldn’t be part of your job description. Discuss and set the guidelines and expectations together, and avoid any (hidden) disagreements at a later stage.


How well do you work together? Understand each other’s challenges better to increase productivity and collaboration.


In today’s organisations, talking about emotions can often be considered tabu. Experience a different approach by seeing the power of being yourself and accepting open dialogue.


 Not all of us were born to perform the role we are doing today. Understand better how your teammates perceive their current goals and what they would like to achieve in the future.


Do you take ownership of your role? Do you mentor others? Review together with your team how you can be more proactive in helping your team members discover new heights.



2 hours workshops that can be done independently or combined into half/full days' program.  


Discuss, define and ignite the team's identity, mission and goals.


Individuals, teams, work-groups (6-8 participants for the ideal experience), or whole departments.


On-site at your location, or off-site in a neutral location outside the office.

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