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The Philosophy

Teams are essential to the success of an organisation. Teams can be simple or complex, small or large, temporary or permanent, but they all have one thing in common: they are built by people. Everyone has their own characteristics to help build a business, such as background, education, knowledge, experience and viewpoint. If you place a few people into a group and say to them, “You need to work together, make it happen”, it won’t always go according to plan. It may sometimes be fun and productive, but more often can be a struggle.

Under the Surface

Our view is limited. We can’t see beyond a certain distance and depth. This limited view is present in every decision we make as individuals, as well as within a team. When it comes to our work environment, do we feel that we and others can see beyond the specific performance of a person? Do we try to understand what drives this performance? Do we put enough effort into looking deeper, and trust that others will do the same?


Knowledge and skills

Professional & personal interests

Beliefs and values


Shared Discovery

Discover together with your team the different layers to achieving the professional goals you are dedicated to. It's a journey, and in the clear reality of modern business, it’s a shared one. Feeling valuable, being yourself, knowing your purpose, and being able to be open about it will get you to the place you want to be

Make Sense Together 

Philosophy can only help us in the business world if we can use it to create concrete action points. At SenseGiving, we have developed a powerful new approach that will help you to become fully engaged, to answer the tough questions, and create a meaningful experience.

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